Twire (Pvt) Ltd is a consulting firm focused on strategic IT, privacy and data protection and software development, connecting top expertise with clients worldwide, dedicated towards sustainability. We value and adhere to environmental and social responsibility, and we also try to create partnerships based on shared values. We try to focus on projects that can help spur a sustainable future, when we can. We believe that a part of our role in the business ventures we undertake includes to create and deliver products and services that benefit people, society and the planet. We are especially keen on utilising technology to spur development.

For Twire it is important to contribute in the shift of the sustainability concept to an integrated and business-critical issue, thus implementing corporate philanthropy approaches that are clearly aligned with broader sustainability initiatives and overall business strategies.

Some of our underlying policies:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Employee Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Women Employee Policy
  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
  • No Child Labour and Forced Labour Policy