While Twire Swedish management travelled the world searching for a good place to settle down, they realised that things could be improved when it comes to management consulting, strategic IT and software development. So, with more than a decade of experience spanning three continents, Twire’s Swedish management decided to settle down in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

As we are living in a globalised ”smart” world, Twire realised that the worldwide demand for top developers was already enormous and that it would only continue to grow. However, they also realised that the current solutions for business innovation and growth were far from perfect. Twire also realised the need to think through the potential pitfalls of our smart world, especially with the unprecedented level of connectivity and automation that is going on.

Twire wanted to ensure that we guard against these pitfalls as technology is being developed, rather than trying to pick up the pieces after things potentially go wrong. So, Twire came up with the idea to combine aspects of management consulting, strategic IT, software development with privacy programs and data protection into one business.

They wanted to be able to offer the support and the reliability of a traditional consultancy with the low cost of an outsourcing company with the broadness and flexibility of a well grounded business that also emphasise on integrity and safeguarding of data through the right expertise.  

After a lot of researching, phone calls, several meetings and coffees later, they finally found the solution and Twire (Pvt) Ltd officially launched in 2018.

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Twire is a consulting firm focused on strategic IT and software development connecting top expertise with clients worldwide. 

Over more than a decade we have collected a huge experience within IT and now help our clients to build their outsourcing solutions, high performance distributed teams, strategic IT solutions as well as privacy program and data protection. In addition, Twire also focus on developing their own products, which has resulted in further expertise within the field of for example online marketing and e-commerce. Twire uses a customised and unique qualification process to gather and offer only the best developers and services available. Twire is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with Swedish founders, global customers and world-class talent.  

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